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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Very solid performance said Trewick

Speaking to BBC Hereford and Worcester after this afternoon's game John Trewick said it was a very solid performance.

"0n another occasion we would have won the game comfortably. We had enough possession, enough chances and caused them a lot of problems. Their keeper has made two or three saves and I felt we were unlucky not to get the three points," said the Hereford United coach.

Trewick said he didn't see the penalty decision, which resulted in a yellow card for Broadhurst and a goal for Rochdale, as clear-cut.

"I don't think anybody saw it as clear cut. It will be interesting to see what the video shows. I thought it was a very harsh decision and it set the tone for the afternoon. The referee gave some baffling decisions at times."

It was pointed out by reporter Keith Hall that it was the referee's third game in the Football League. Trewick said it looked that way at times.

Trewick then spoke about Robinson's goal and the fact that the Bulls have a bit of pace at present.

"It was a typically quick attack. Lionel got it and played the ball through. Theo run onto it and finished terrifically well. They're crowd pleasers, people who can excite - we want that to happen. We want the crowd to come here and have a bit of a buzz when they get the ball and around the ball. To a large extent that is happening."