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Thursday, January 25, 2007

25 Players in training this morning

It's a long time since Hereford United had 25 players in for training but that's what happened this morning.

With Steve Guinan, Ben Smith and Danny Thomas joining the Bulls today, Graham Turner will no doubt be pleased with the shake up in his squad which he thought was required. And he seems hopeful that another signing or two could emerge before the transfer deadline comes next Wednesday.

"We do have definite targets," Turner told the Official Website in a detailed interview this afternoon.

He spoke about his new arrivals.

A celebrating Ben Smith

"We've been lacking goals since our return to the Football League and Ben has the potential to both score and create them. He has been in excellent form for Weymouth and though he is stepping up a level, there is no doubt he has the ability to succeed with us. He is that little bit different to the midfielders we already have here and hopefully he'll compliment them by being more productive in the final third. He's excited to have returned to League football and cannot wait to get started after a difficult few weeks at Weymouth.

Steve Guinan at Edgar Street - both pictures by Andy Compton of the Hereford Journal

"In Steve Guinan we have brought back a player we again know a lot about but someone who enjoyed the best spell of his career here. He is an intelligent player who is very good at linking up the play and has the experience that our current forwards lack. He will take a little bit of pressure off the younger lads and, knowing the game as he does, will provide someone for them to learn from.

"Initially he comes here on a month's loan but he is available for transfer and has the chance to prove himself and earn a longer deal. Ideally he will make it very hard for us to let him go again.

"Danny Thomas is someone that Rob Purdie knows well as they were together at Leicester and Danny asked if he could come and train with us. He was released by Shrewsbury but was impressive against us in the League up there and has the chance to show us what he can do.

"He has been excellent in training this week and has signed non-contract forms for now and starting on Saturday, like Steve Guinan, he has the chance to show us he is worth a longer deal. Again, let's hope he does just that.

"He has pace and very good feet and again is a little different to what we already have here. Certainly he has done himself no harm in training so hopefully he can carry that forward into the match day opportunities he has."

It looks as though Ben Smith hasn't come cheap. Although no fee has been confirmed Turner words suggest he had to dip into the club's bank account to secure Smith's move.

"We are in a stronger position financially than we have been for quite some time and therefore we are able to make more attractive offers for players."

Asked how it felt to make a bid for a player Turner replied:

"It's been quite an unfamiliar experience to be honest and I did have to do a bit of research to try and remember how you go about that type of thing! Seriously though, the fact that we have been able to compete for and secure Ben Smith's services shows we have come a long way and everyone connected with the club should be very proud about that."