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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

It's Port Vale next

Hereford United manager Graham Turner must have wondered whether his team would ever defeat Shrewsbury last night but in the end the goals came.

"We gave quite a good impression of a non-league team in the first-half but, whether we deserve it or not, we have Port Vale here in the second round," said Turner as reported by the Hereford Times.

Meanwhile Hereford's midfield may have been lacking in experience last night but Luke Webb and Andy Ferrell were not lacking in effort. Ferrell seemed to be looking after Webb.

In particular when Webb was visibly annoyed having sent a long ball yards away from its target Ferrell went straight to him with encouragement. It was a good gesture.

Webb spoke to BBC Hereford and Wiorcester after the game:

"I did know I was going to play today so when I got the call I was really excited but you can't take away Alan Connell's strike that gave us the lead. It was an unbeleivable free kick under pressure.

"And the back three has been consistant. Andy Ferrell in mid-field was unbeleivable."

Andy Ferrell's tackle which earnt him a yellow card - picture by Andy Compton of the Hereford Journal