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Monday, October 30, 2006

They're not very bright at Notts County

The Official Notts County Website has told its readers about the bringing forward of the Hereford United home fixture from Saturday December 23rd to the previous Friday evening.

Notts County maintain the change is 'in a bid to have a better attendance for the fixture.'

Hereford were against the idea, however having made contact with them on several occasions, unfortunately we did not receive a response either way and therefore had to take the matter up with the Football League, per The Football League regulations. says the Site.

Their stance doesn't tally with Graham Turner's comments last week. In Bullseye he said that the club had received a request from Notts County for a change.

"Taking into consideration the distance........ we declined the invitation to switch" said the Hereford United manager.

One question needs answering - if Notts County say they didn't receive a response from Hereford how did they know Hereford were against the idea?