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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Did the Bulls get any LDV money?

Hereford United were defeated by Macclesfield Town in the Northern Semi-final of the LDV four weeks ago and should have received some £12,000 for their efforts.

The prize money is this competition works in such a way that clubs only receive a pay-out when they are defeated (until the final stages).

But there are fears that the Bulls have not received any money from the sponsors and probably never will.

Ciderspace have printed the following:

With LDV Vans going into administration the sponsorship deal for that competition with the Football League has collapsed. All prize money has now been cancelled, with those defeated in the Area Semi-Finals losing £15,000,(Hereford being a Conference side should have received £12,000) and no future monies, apart from a share of gate receipts, being paid to those clubs remaining in the competition.

Presumably it will get more embarrassing still, with the Final due to be be broadcast live on Sky Sports from the Millennium Stadium on Sunday 2 April 2006. One can't imagine the Football League or the broadcasters wishing to continue promoting and advertising a company that has gone down the pan and defaulted on its commitments, so what to call it? Answers on a postcard to : The Right Honourable the Lord Mawhinney, Chairman of The Football League..