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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Stockport paper thinks Hereford is in South Wales

Chris Turner, the Stockport County manager has revealed that he has had a 'very open' clear-the-air meeting with their players days ahead of what Turner describes as the club's 'biggest game in years' against Hereford United on Saturday.

The Stockport Express says Turner is fully aware that Hereford will be eyeing an FA Cup shock on Saturday, in a match which could draw a crowd well in excess of 5,000 in South Wales, but he and his players are looking forward to the challenge that awaits.

"Hereford would have still fancied beating us even if we'd have won four-nil last weekend, they are a good Conference top 10 side, one of quite a few that would do well in the Football League.

"But all I'll say is we're not playing Manchester United. We just need to be fully committed, we need to match their commitment and passion. In fact this could be a big seven days for Stockport County. If we win on Saturday and then win the two league games at home next week then everything will be looking rosier again and people will have smiles back on their faces."

Turner talked about how desperate he is for a good performance from his players after last Saturday's defeat by Mansfield, who were recently beaten by Hereford United in the LDV.

"Colin (West - assistant manager) and I have had a very good meeting with the players this week. We've been very, very frustrated with the inconsistency this season.

"Last Saturday we were so disappointed after such a good performance the week before at Orient. We got a massive point across, so now it's down to the players to try and put things right.

"We had a very open chat, it was an excellent discussion. All Colin and I are asking for is more consistency, a bit more hard work, graft and passion.

"The players know they can do it, but it's all about having a positive attitude."

"We know what's been lacking, but the problem is that we simply can't afford to bolster the squad at present. We've not got the resources so we'll be going with what we've got for now.

"But we do need to get into the third round of the cup, the additional income could be so vital for a football club that has no money."