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Friday, October 28, 2005

Somebody is going to get a good hiding says Turner

Graham Turner seems confident that, given the chances Hereford United are able to create, an opposing team is going to get a good hiding.

"We do feel that if we go on creating the chances, making the chances for ourselves, sooner or later they will start going in," Turner told BBC Hereford and Worcester.

He had been asked to comment on the agreement with Crewe to keep Matt Bailey at Edgar Street for another month.

"One of the reasons we took Matt Bailey from Crewe was when you think back to the games at Halifax and places like that, the opposing central defenders were heading the ball straight back into our half.

"We were always on the back foot and we needed somebody with a bit of height who could head the ball. He's won quite a few flick ons, so we've been playing on the front foot going into the opposing half rather than coming back into ours.

"And he's done that quite well and although he probably should have popped in one or two more goals.

"But we've kept him for another month just for that fact that opposing center-halves who thrive on being able to put the ball back into the opposing half have not been able to do that against him.

"We've played reasonably well over the last games. Him and Danny Carey-Bertram have done alright."