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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Conf TV losing money

Conference TV viewers have been warned that unless revenue improves then the service will have to charge fans for watching games.

A monthly charge of £4.99 is on the cards.

The partners in the venture, BT, Sportinglife and InTheBox Media, are said to have invested heavily in the loss making venture. And despite additional sponsorship from and others, the revenue has not covered the costs of the site. now says that an affiliate programme has been set up. The first advertiser to join is, a company in the same group.

According to the Football Conference Website: Each time a Conference fan signs up to one of these services, money goes to support both as a free service and the respective club. We can track where each registration has come from to ensure correct distribution of funds.

To make this work only 10,000 fans need to participate in the affiliate programme each month.

Sportinglife and totalbet are both owned by ukbetting. Confguide, whose future is also in some doubt, belongs to the same group.