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Monday, June 06, 2005

Players Directory released

The PFA Players Transfer Directory has been published this afternoon. Once again there are some 300 players looking for new clubs.

The list includes 115 defenders, 104 midfielders, 59 forwards and 39 goalkeepers.

Pro-footballers is the PFA's comprehensive official industry service supplied and developed to support the professional player.

Pro-Footballers' currently provides both offline and online support to 92 professional Clubs and the Conference League.

The service delivers up to date player profiles, which includes status, career, height, weight and position of every Professional Footballer currently available domestically.

By using Pro-Footballers search engine, users can search for players by criteria according to their needs or choice. For example: - If a manager wants a Goalkeeper of a specific height, weight, age and, status Pro-footballers' will find him!

Alternatively a manager can query the database by using key words such as Free Transfer; Pro-Footballers will deliver every free transfer player currently available.

Gordon Taylor, the Chief Executive PFA, commented:

Our Website gives us the opportunity to make available our list of players out of contract, including their full details and careers to managers both here and abroad in a free, quick and easy to read format. Of our 4,000 members, over 400 are made available each year either being given free transfers by their clubs or under the Bosman ruling. Getting these players signed on new contracts is one of our main objectives and through the Website this has proved an excellent initiative and of tremendous benefit to clubs and players alike. We consider this site to be not only the best available but the only one in the world free of charge.