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Friday, June 24, 2005

Coldicott again linked with Hereford

Stacey Coldicott has again been linked with a move to Hereford United.

Recently released, Coldicott is said to be "looking to go to Hereford" by a source close to Grimsby.

Early last week Bulls News reported on speculation that Coldicott, who comes from Worcestershire, could be one of Graham Turner's targets. He would fit the bill for a strong mid-fielder who prefers to defend rather than attack.

Update Saturday:

Earlier this week Cod Almighty published a comment on Coldicott.

When he's not trying to become a fireman there's nothing Stacy Coldicott enjoys more than the odd bit of professional football. After turning down the presumably piss-poor terms on offer to prolong his spell with the Mariners, the club's second longest serving player is rumoured to be considering a move back to his native midlands with Hereford United of the Conference. We know this because it says so on Town's official website. We don't know how they know, though. Or at least the Diary doesn't. I do know that Hereford coach John Trewick was at West Brom at the same time as Stace. But so were lots of other people, probably.

The Official Grimsby site has also reported the speculation that Coldicott is rumoured to be on his way to Hereford United.